Lake George / Southern Adirondack Real Estate Buyers Tips

Looking for just the right piece of Southern Adirondack property? Perhaps you’re in search of a piece of Lake George real estate for a primary residence. Or a special piece of private Southern Adirondack real estate for a vacation home. Maybe a luxury Lake George home or even a Bolton Landing waterfront property that you have only dreamed of until now. Let me describe how I can help you.

You need to know how much you can spend
Gather information (tax returns, salary stubs, etc.) you will need for a mortgage lender to review. Knowing what you are pre-qualified for will make your search for the perfect Lake George real estate include only those within your parameters. Additionally, as you move along the buying cycle and become more serious about your purchase, you should get pre-approved by a lender. This information is important to home sellers and more importantly will make your offer stronger. I can refer you to qualified lenders to help you obtain a mortgage.

Define what type of Adirondack real estate you are looking for
BuyersA wish list should be created starting with the top 3 must haves, followed by the items you would like to have. When more than one person is searching, I suggest you each create a list and then blend the two. All parties need to be in agreement with what is most important. I always tell people “no home is perfect”. Even if you build your home from scratch, inevitably you would still do some things differently. Most often you need to make concessions on some items. The goal is to get the closest you can to all your wants and remain within your price range.

Review what is on the market in your price range
We will review each property and narrow your search to only those that you are truly interested in, whether it be undeveloped land, a Bolton Landing property, a Lake George home for sale, or any other type of Warren County or Southern Adirondack real estate.

Previewing properties
When previewing homes and attending Lake George open houses, I always tell potential buyers to stop and think how their day proceeds. Do you awake and immediately have to take the dog out? Read the newspaper? Do you have a large group for dinner often? Where will you be able to do this? Overall, does the home fit how you live?

5 Stars“There is no doubt she was instrumental in us being able to purchase our Dream home. I would highly recommend her to any potential purchasers or sellers in the future, she made this whole process flow as smooth as possible.” -Douglas and Mollie M., Ridgewood, NJ

Making an offer
Once you have identified the Southern Adirondack real estate that you would like to purchase, the next step is to make an offer. I can easily handle the paperwork by fax or email if you don’t reside in the area. You will need to consider the following terms:

Price, Closing Date, Deposit Amount, Inspections and other important contingencies
While I can help provide guidance for what the price should be, ultimately the offer price is up to you. I will go over the real estate contract paragraph by paragraph and break it down without the technical jargon. A strong offer has the least contingencies with a quick close. The fewer contingencies the seller has to worry about the better. In addition, because emotions can sometimes play a role in a seller’s decision, consider submitting a short letter about you and your plans for the property in the future. Sellers like to know that a property they have cared for and enjoyed owning years will be appreciated. Once the offer has been submitted, I will handle any necessary negotiations.

Have the home or property inspected
As a buyer you are entitled to know exactly what you are getting. Don’t rely on the information you have been handed and require an inspection. The inspection is an opportunity to have an expert look closely at your potential home purchase. I recommend getting both a written and oral opinion as to the property’s condition.

The Closing
Although according to New York State customs your attorney handles the closing, I am still involved and available to assist in all matters through closing. I can provide assistance in making arrangements for appraisals, inspections, repairs, etc. I can also arrange for and accompany you on the last minute home walk through.

Hand you the keys!
Whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for Lake George property to build on, are dreaming of owning your own little piece of Adirondack real estate for that second home, or are looking for a new primary residence to call home, call (518) 321-1870 today or contact Holly Dansbury. I’m a Lake George / Southern Adirondack real estate agent who can help you from search to closing!