Real Estate in the Lake George Region

Are you are preparing to buy or sell Adirondack real estate? Are you moving to or away from the Lake George region? Take a few moments to browse our Adirondack Mountains real estate resources for local businesses. These include companies that have experience in everything from inspecting Queensbury, Warrensburg or Warren County real estate, to professionals who can assist you in finding everything you need to make your new Bolton property feel like home!

Preferred VendorsCall Holly Dansbury at (518) 321-1870 today, or contact her online for more information on area real estate, Lake George region resources, or tips on how to get your Southern Adirondack real estate sold!

Home Inspectors

Your Warrensburg, Bolton or Lake George real estate purchase or sale may be contingent upon a thorough inspection report. For buyers of any type of Adirondack Mountains real estate, this is your chance to learn about any household problems or defects. Sellers can also obtain a home inspection prior to listing to eliminate any surprises. Either way, a good inspection is essential.

Accurate Home Inspections

Residential Construction Companies

Building a home is a wonderful experience; however, it can be taxing both mentally and financially. Be sure you speak with several companies and check out their work firsthand. If not, one of the most rewarding American dream experiences can become a nightmare! I built my home in 2006 using Morse Construction.

Home Furniture

When you move into your new home you might need furnishings. One of my absolute favorite stores for furnishing the finest Adirondack mountains real estate and homes is Suttons. Rachael Ray was born in this area and says of Suttons “nobody does it like Suttons”. The store actually has a great gift shop, clothing section and a wonderful restaurant, too.

Local stores:


Several local banks offer great Adirondack real estate mortgage banking services to meet your financial needs.


If you are coming to this area to search for a new home or other real estate, Lake George region jewels include The Sagamore Resort, a spectacular lakefront resort located in Bolton. Recently renovated with 37 new guest rooms, outdoor pool and extended patios with breathtaking views of Lake George. Six Flags Great Escape includes an indoor water park kids will just love! Other favorites included.

Chelka Lodge on Lake George
Boathouse Bed & Breakfast

Lake George Area Movers

Whether you are buying or selling a house, odds are you are going to have furniture, electronics, mattresses, tools, equipment and hundreds of other items and boxes that will need to be moved. Hiring a professional can save you and your family a lot of time and aggravation. Here are a few who are based in our region.

American Van Service