Get Your Southern Adirondack Real Estate Sold!

Thinking of selling your Southern Adirondack real estate? As a Lake George real estate agent, I know that selling real estate in Lake George and the Adirondacks involves much more than putting it in the MLS and placing a sign on the lawn. I enjoy helping with the preparation and marketing of your home – let me tell you what I do to help prepare Lake George, Southern Adirondack real estate and Bolton Landing homes for sale:

  • Preview your home and identify your specific features – No two homes are exactly alike; upgrades and special features need to be identified in order to create a valid comparative analysis
  • SellersReview comparable properties both on the market and recently sold to determine the right price – Setting the price is key. With prices set too high, homes tend to sit on the market. Prices set too low and sellers could lose a lot of money. I will do extensive research and review the comparative properties with you to make sure it is the right price!
  • Review all documents needed. Specifically, go over the listing agreement with you paragraph by paragraph and break it down without the technical jargon
  • Discuss how to prepare your Southern Adirondack real estate for sale. My suggestions for getting your property in the finest possible condition:

First impressions count – Buyers will make a judgment of your property within seconds of pulling in front of it. You want them to feel like they want to see more… A tidy yard with a welcoming sidewalk speaks volumes as to what is inside. Same goes when they open that door. Brightness, light, clean smell and a feeling they can’t wait to live here is what you are after.

 5 Stars“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Holly sold our house in 7 weeks. Simply unheard of in the current depressed market. Holly was able to negotiate a deal that was a winner for both parties. Thank you again, Holly for your insight, uncompromising devotion to your craft and unwavering commitment to excellence which ultimately lead to our sale.” -Ken and Linda H., Summit Point, WV

Declutter and depersonalize – Pick up all the piles of paperwork, magazines etc. Most important, remove all your family photos and items which personalize the home to you. I know this seems ridiculous but it really helps. I can’t tell you how many homes I have previewed with clients and they spend most of their time looking at the displayed personal photos and commenting. Rather than focusing on the home itself. One home I was selling had a large lifelike doll in the Dining Room corner – a sentimental piece to the owner. After a Brokers Open House one agent recalled the house as “the one with the doll in it”? Not what I wanted them to remember. Human nature includes a curiosity into whose home is this? Is this what they look like? Do I know them? Don’t give them a reason to satisfy this curiosity and keep them focused on the home itself. Would they enjoy sitting in the living room? Can they see themselves sitting at that table with a cup of coffee? Does your property stand out among the other Lake George or Bolton homes for sale? This is the focus you want.

Remove large unnecessary furniture – Large bulky furniture can make rooms appear much smaller. It is important to have furnishings to define what a room’s purpose is but keep them in good scale.

Fix any cracks or stains – This can be a simple repair but will avoid major concerns. If most people see a crack or stain in the ceiling they immediately think the worst: “there must be roof issues”. Same with cracks on the walls: “must have structural issues”.

Staging your home – Setting the stage for potential buyers will: 1) Allow them to understand the purpose of each and every room, and 2) Allow them to envision themselves in your home. Well staged homes create an atmosphere which compels people to take their time in viewing everything. Professionals in the field say homes will sell two to three times faster and for 3 to 10 percent more than you might have received. Take a minute to learn about some local home staging services.

Advertise the home for sale

  • Internet advertising – a vast majority of buyers search for real estate online. To help you gain maximum exposure I will include your property on the top visited global web sites such as, & Immediately, your Lake George real estate or Southern Adirondack property will be viewed by people near and far.
  • List on Multiple Listing System (MLS) introducing your home to ~500 Real Estate professionals.
  • Notify local Southern Adirondack and Lake George real estate Agents/Brokers of your home (Brokers Open).
  • Prepare professional fact sheet/brochure with color photos.
  • Advertise in local print media such as Home Guide, Homes & Land of the Adirondacks.
  • Set up, promote, and conduct Open Houses – I don’t recommend you be at your open houses. Your goal is to have potential buyers envision themselves in your home.
  • Place a ‘For Sale’ sign on property.

Give weekly feedback on all showings and market conditions (Mondays) – I review with you what the market has done in the past week, both county wide and in your town. I’ll keep you up to date with what homes and other area real estate is selling for. All this and other helpful information so you can make informed decisions along the way.

Screen potential buyers for your Southern Adirondack real estate.

Review offers and negotiate a deal with you and your interests first and foremost – Don’t dismiss low offers. You could be turning your back on a good buyer. Typically your first offer is your best.

Assist through closing. Includes working with inspectors, surveyors, appraisers and real estate attorneys.

Have the SOLD sign installed!

For more information on preparing your Adirondack real estate for sale, call Holly Dansbury, a local Lake George real estate agent, at (518) 321-1870 today, or contact me online.