7 Tips to Warm Up Your Home this Winter

Adirondack winters are notoriously cold, but your Lake George home doesn’t have to be. As a Lake George real estate agent who not only works in the Adirondacks, but lives here, too, I’ve learned a few tricks to help keep my home cozy all winter long.

Sure you could crank up the thermostat, but if you want to keep your energy bill down, you might want to give some (or all) of these tips a try.

Seal Off Drafts

To prevent cold air from seeping underneath doors and windows, use draft stoppers or rolled up towels. Close your curtains at night to help block out drafts and keep heat inside, and open them when the sun is out to allow in the extra warmth.

Add Area Rugs & Throw Blankets

If you have a lot of tile, laminate or hardwood floors, add a few area rugs to instantly warm up your home. Strategically place throw blankets on the backs of sofas and chairs for curling up whenever you’re sitting down, and snuggle up with pets or partners to share body heat.

Swap Out Bedding

Every home in the Adirondacks should have a set of flannel sheets. Not only will they keep you warm throughout the night, but they won’t feel cold when you first climb into bed. Pile a down comforter on top, and if your bed is pushed up against an exterior wall, consider moving it a few inches away.

Wear Layers

We normally think about wearing layers when we’re outside, but a few thin, loose-fitting layers can help insulate you when you’re indoors, too. And don’t forget the thick socks and slippers. Even a scarf can do the trick. While it might not seem like much, simply covering the exposed skin around your neck can actually trick your body into feeling warmer. 

Eat Comfort Food

There’s a reason we crave richer, fattier foods in the winter – our bodies need calories to stay warm. The key is to do the cooking and baking yourself and use your oven. If your home is free of small children and pets you can even leave the oven door open when you’re done to let the warm air fill the room.

Use Humidifiers

Humid air feels warmer than dry air, so consider investing in ultra-sonic humidifiers that allow you to choose between warm and cold air. For an inexpensive alternative, shower with the door open and allow the steam to spread throughout the house.

Close Off Rooms Not in Use

If you have spare bedrooms or a formal living room or dining room that you’re not using, make sure you properly seal it off. Close the heat vents, shut the door, and keep cold air from seeping into the rest of the house with a draft stopper or rolled up towel.

Lake George Winters are Cold, But Your Home Doesn’t Have to Be

Our winters may be cold and snowy, but with a few clever tricks, your Lake George home can be warm and toasty. Plus, with so much great outdoor fun to be had in the Adirondacks, it’s easy to embrace winter here. Check out these 5 Great Ski Areas near Lake George and Bolton Landing, or enjoy a night out at one of these 9 Bolton Landing Restaurants Open All Winter Long.

Of course, if your current home is just too drafty, it may be time to move. I have plenty of homes for sale in Lake George, Bolton Landing and the surrounding mountain communities, and I’d be happy to help with your search. View my current listings, or give me a call at (518) 321-1870.