Selling Your Lake George Home in a COVID-19 Market

Life with a global pandemic and social distancing mandates has changed the way many things operate, and selling a house is certainly no different. Even in a seller’s market, many new considerations must be taken into account when beginning the process of selling your Lake George home in a COVID-19 market. So, how can you most comfortably begin this process in 2021? Here are some guidelines for safely and securely selling your residence during a pandemic:

Optimize your listing, and availability, virtually

Assets such as a virtual tour or 360-degree photography of a space can communicate a clear picture of your home. It can help potential buyers envision the space you are selling more accurately, and get a feel for the floor plan. If you don’t have the technology available, no problem! As you build your home listing, consider focusing heavily on benefits such as live video-chat tours or high-res photography stills of each room from multiple angles to give a good sense of the space.

If you’re working with a Lake George real estate agent, ask them about the tools and technology they have available to help you showcase your home virtually. 

Provide as much information on your home as possible.

Get granular about each nook and cranny of your home; from the make and model of your water heater to the square footage of your patio. Whether you are listing your home yourself or through a Lake George real estate agent, a surplus of information will help filter out buyers who are not a good fit before they even set foot in your home—so you’re only letting in the most interested buyers.

Require a loan pre-approval.

The most interested buyers should complete this step to show their interest. The benefit? Upon finding the perfect buyers for your home, closing the sale will be that much faster.

Don’t forget to sanitize, and provide additional cleaning supplies for visitors.

Clean high-touch surfaces of your home before and after every in-person visit. These include doorknobs, countertops, and bathroom sinks. Provide bottles of hand sanitizer in convenient locations throughout the home for frequent use. And of course, ask any visitors to wear a mask if they visit—and extend the same courtesy to them.

Look into remote options for inspection, appraisal, and closing.

With this last year’s need for remote solutions to otherwise in-person services, many companies are offering virtual solutions for home inspections, appraisals, and closing documentation. Chat with your real estate agent about any contacts they have who will perform virtual work.

More Tips for Selling Your Lake George Home in a COVID-19 Market

As a Lake George real estate agent for more than 13 years, I have experience selling homes in a seller’s market, a buyer’s market, and, yes, even in the COVID-19 market. To sell your home fast and for a competitive price, check out my other Home Selling Tips and Home Staging Advice, or give me a call at (518) 321-1870. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, or provide you with more insight on the home selling process.