First Steps In Home Staging

You’ve made the decision to sell your home. You’ve set a date for the first Open House. Now a million questions have come rushing into your head, all around how to prepare yourself and your home to entice a buyer to make an offer on your home.

One of the first steps is to take some time to remove clutter from the home, along with items that may hide or obscure some of the best-selling features of the home (think of everything that has piled up in a bedroom nook, blocking a window with a beautiful view of a yard or skyline). In doing so, the question becomes “Should I put extra stuff in storage, or try and sell it?”

Of course you will keep any family mementos, pictures and items with sentimental value. But after the list of the obvious, the best idea may be to get rid of it (do you really want to have to move a surfboard that has been used only once in the last 15 years?). So what type of plan should you develop?

If an item is real cheap with no sentimental value, throwing it out is the best option. Most likely you will never miss it, and if you do, replacing it probably won’t be a big deal. Otherwise, a mixture of channels might be best. If you have some time, sites like ebay and craigslist allow you to reach the most potential buyers to try and sell items to at a price you want. In warmer weather here in the Lake George area, a neighborhood garage sale may be happening that you can jump in on, or you could host your own. As a bonus, you can use the proceeds from the sale of items for the cost of storage of the things you really want to keep, and hopefully you earn enough to help with the cost of your upcoming move.

When any questions regarding selling your home come up, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 518-321-1870. I’m happy to help.

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