Information On Local School Districts

If you are a parent moving to the Lake George or Southern Adirondack area, choosing the right school district for your children is one of the factors that have a big impact on which town you decide to move into. Luckily the region is flush with school districts and educators who choose to put students first. This is great news, especially for parents who may not have a great deal of flexibility as to where they need to move (i.e., if they need to be close to where they work).

But if you have options for which school district you move your family into, what factors may be important to look at if you are choosing between districts?

  • Class sizes
  • How are different grade levels broken up between buildings
  • Any assistance programs you or your children may be eligible for
  • How long a bus ride, walk or drive would the school be from where you would want to live within a district
  • Athletic programs
  • School taxes

So how do you go about finding out information on the different factors you feel are important when deciding between school districts in and around Lake George? A good place to start would be there websites. Many have a ton of information, as well as links and phone numbers to point you to where you can find other useful data. To give you a head start, here are links to some of the bigger school districts in the area:

Most of the websites will continuously provide updates to the local community with items such as:

  • Calendar of events for student and community activities
  • Agendas and minutes from school board and other meetings
  • Latest budget information
  • Stories on projects that current students have completed or are working on
  • Information on the types of technology the teachers are using in the classroom and to connect to parents

I know that each parent will have a different set of criteria when judging which school districts are right for their family. But with so many great ones herein the Southern Adirondacks, you’re sure to find one that you will be happy to call your school district someday.

Have you decided on a school district you would like to move into? Still have a few questions? Please contact me with any questions you may have as you look to move into a Southern Adirondack school district.