Adirondack Water Access And Boat Launches

One of the many perks of living in Lake George or the Adirondacks is what seems like unlimited options when it comes to activities to do on or near the water. From swimming to boating to whitewater rafting to fishing, there are thousands of rivers, lakes and streams at your disposal. But if you are new to the region, or looking for a new favorite spot, how do you know where to go?

It is true that there are some spots that are private or off limits to the general public. Most are clearly marked, or are visibly within someone’s private property. But the vast majority of boat launches, fishing spots and beaches in the region are open to the public, if you know where they are.

If you are into fishing or whitewater rafting, an easy way to find out about some of the best spots is to hire a guide or company that specializes in your favorite pastime. Not only will they provide all the gear you need for an outing, but they are also one of the best sources of information. They do this for a living. Many are from the area and have explored some of the far reaching corners of the Adirondacks. Sure it will cost you some money for the trip, but hopefully you have fun on the outing. And more importantly, hopefully it is a solid investment for future fishing or rafting experiences of your own.

For the truly adventurous types, you can fill up the gas tank of your vehicle, get a map or turn on your GPS and drive around the Adirondacks (be sure to bring a pair of hiking boots for spots the vehicle can’t access). If there is a lake or stream you have always wished to explore, take a drive to it. Most will have signs indicating where you can launch a boat, kayak or canoe. If there are beaches along the shore, and it is warm out, you’ll probably spot those with ease as sunbathers and swimmers enjoy the day.

If you’re short on time or those options are not available to you, you can always lean on the Internet. There are any number of sites with maps, descriptions and pictures of various spots within the Adirondacks. This includes the NYS DEC, which has a section devoted to state boat launches. You can start with a search of the activity and region you are interested in and take it from there.

Whatever your pleasure, you’re bound to have options in the Adirondacks. It’s just one of the many reasons so many water activity enthusiasts love living in Lake George and the Southern Adirondacks.