Unique Way To Explore Lake George Real Estate

We all know the classic way to explore real estate in an unfamiliar neighborhood or town. You call a real estate agent, provide details on what you are looking for, and the agent develops a list of potential properties. From there you meet up and visit the homes that seem to meet most, if not all, of your criteria. And in the last decade or so you may also include internet searches for real estate on your own, which may provide pictures of the interior and backyard of a home.

This process is still valuable for anyone looking to buy a home today. A real estate agent is a great resource for what’s available, general info on the local markets and to schedule visits. But for new home seekers with the time and energy, a potential home research tactic to include is a bike ride.

Whether your real estate search is taking you to a neighboring town or one thousands of miles away, if you are visiting and you have the time and resources, hopping on a bike for a few hours can provide a great deal of information, including:

  • Traffic. By biking around town, you can get a good look at foot and vehicle traffic of an area. You can also get an idea if the new town is bike friendly.
  • Noise levels. You can check to see if various locations and/or events are excessively noisy and would disturb your lifestyle. In particular, you could check out noise levels of these things from the street in front of a potential home (i.e., can you here the high school football game from the home you have at the top of your list?).
  • People. If you bike long enough, you should come across some locals. Use this time to talk to them and discuss what they like and don’t like about living in the area. If you don’t run into any locals, that could say something about the town as well.
  • Area In General. When people check out a neighborhood in a car, they tend to drive by things a little fast, and may not notice smaller things that could be a benefit or a deal breaker. On a bike you won’t miss all the neat local shops down a dirt road, what’s going on behind a line of evergreen trees or that a particular road does not allow parking overnight.

Now, you probably won’t get to go inside any homes on your bike ride (unless you meticulously plan around open houses), but you can take a ride to where your favorites are and get a feel for how far they are from work, school or the fields.

Are you in Lake George on vacation and want to take a bike ride to look at some real estate? Give me a call and I can answer any questions and provide some addresses of homes for sale that meet you criteria. Or if you’d rather stick to the classic way of exploring local real estate, let me know and we can set up some appointments.